Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

What is Automatic Mouse and Keyboard?
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool with many more features that can free your hands and save your time. It's an inexpensive mouse and keyboard automation tool. You can define its Actions to make it automatically do a lot of work.

Key features
     Simulate all mouse and keyboard actions
     Record all mouse and keyboard actions and then repeat accurately
     Edit the mouse and keyboard actions record
     Optimize the mouse and keyboard actions record
     Driver Level Mouse and Keyboard Commands
     Locate a point on the screen with a small picture
     The locating picture supports transparent pixels
     Support background operations
     Create scheduled tasks easily
     Undo and Redo Operations
     Automatically input text
     Compile script to EXE
     Comes with many useful functions
     Support all latest Windows OS - Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/Server 2000/2003/2008

Screenshot 1:
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard screenshot

Screenshot 2:
The tools of Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

Screenshot 3: The tool Auto Hotkey
Auto Hotkey

How to use
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is much more powerful than Mouse and Keyboard Recorder. To learn how to use Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can refer to the Help Document of Mouse and Keyboard Recorder.

How to use the Smart Click
1. Click the "SMART CLICK" button.
Smart Click

2. Move mouse to the target which you want to click automatically, and click to cut the image of the target.
Cut Image

3. Click the "OK" button to create the action. And you can give the action a "Step Name" to describe the action.
Search Picture

4. Click the "PLAY" button. Then you will see Automatic Mouse and Keyboard move mouse to the target and click it automatically.
Run the script

Search Help
To get more help, just click the "Search Help" button.
Search Help


How to call a function?
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard comes with many useful functions. To learn how to call a function, please refer to: How to generate a random number.

Why the mouse move itself with no reason while waiting for the picture appear?
While waiting for the picture appear, the mouse may go to the top left point of the screen (0,0), then go back again. Because the mouse may be on the picture. The mouse is or is not on the picture may affect the picture, make the picture look a little different. So Automatic Mouse and Keyboard make the mouse go to the point (0,0) for a second. This is a very practical technology, it can increase the probability of success of picture search. You can uncheck the option "Allows the mouse to automatically move to the upper left corner for a second" to disable this feature. To learn more about this, please see: What to do if search a picture timeout.
Disable Auto Move

Where can I find sample scripts?
Click the menu Help, then click Samples, then you will find same sample scripts.
Sample Scripts

How to learn and analyse a script easier?
Click the bug button on the tool bar, and debug run the script step by step, then you learn and analyse a script easier.
Debug run a script

Which of your products is the best?
Of course it is Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. It is much more powerful than Mouse and Keyboard Recorder. It is not just record and repeat, but with many useful features like Search Picture on the Screen. If you try to use Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, then you will never use Mouse and Keyboard Recorder again.

Is your online order form secure?
Yes, it is 100% secure. And we give you 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. When Automatic Mouse and Keyboard does not work and we can not fix it, we will refund you the money. Note: After the refund, your license code will be disabled.

Is tech support free?
Yes! It's free for all.

How much is it?
Different licenses with different prices, please click here to choose your license.

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We hope that our products can help you, and good luck to you!  
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