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Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is a really powerful and easy-to-use Mouse and Keyboard automation tool. It makes your mouse move and click automatically on locations that you defined. It can use a small picture to locate a point on the screen, which makes it very flexible. Regardless of where the target is, as long as it can be seen on the screen, the program will be able to find it.

Key features
     Simulate all mouse and keyboard actions
     Record all mouse and keyboard actions and then repeat accurately
     Driver Level Mouse and Keyboard Commands
     Optimize the mouse and keyboard actions record
     Locate a point on the screen with a small picture
     The locating picture supports transparent pixels
     Support background operations
     Compile script to EXE
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Automatic Mouse and Keyboard tools
    I must first say a huge praise. It finally has a software company managed Mouse & Keyboard macro easily understandable and implement! Even without any programming experience.
    - Franziska Lerch

    I am really happy and proud that I have chose your product. You really prove to me how great imaginative are you.
    - Sahar Attia
Comparison of Advanced Mouse Clicker and Automatic Mouse and Keyboard
Features Advanced Mouse Clicker Automatic Mouse and Keyboard
Simulate all mouse actions
Simulate all keyboard actions  
Search a picture on the screen
Record and Repeat Mouse and Keyboard Actions  
Edit the mouse and keyboard actions record  
Optimize the mouse and keyboard actions record  
Set the play speed of a record  
Support window commands  
Create and set variables  
Rename a variable easily  
Monitor clipboard text  
Support exception handling  
Support registry operations  
Driver Level Mouse Click Commands  
Create a For/While Loop
Support Goto Label command  
Cut, Copy and Paste
Import and Export Actions  
Play Another Script  
Play Random Script  
View Execution Log  
Support If Else statement  
Support Switch Case statement  
Random Mouse Position
Copy and Paste Html  
Debug run the script  
Display animated GIF  
Create custom windows  
Create custom windows with Template  
Invoke Windows API  
Invoke custom DLL  
Comes with Auto Hotkey  
Comes with Mouse Clicker  
Comes with Key Presser  
Comes with many useful functions  
Support background operations  
Read data from JSON and write data to JSON  
Create scheduled tasks  
Capture the screen automatically  
Enable / Disable Actions
Compile script to EXE  
Compile script to EXE with custom icon  
Compile script to EXE with custom copyright  
Invoke OLE/COM functions  
Run Windows console commands  
Undo and Redo Operations
Support database operations  
Operate excel file easily with Excel functions  
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Price $15.00 $10.00 - $100.00
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Why the mouse move itself with no reason while waiting for the picture appear?
While waiting for the picture appear, the mouse may go to the top left point of the screen (0,0), then go back again. Because the mouse may be on the picture. The mouse is or is not on the picture may affect the picture, make the picture look a little different. So Automatic Mouse and Keyboard make the mouse go to the point (0,0) for a second. This is a very practical technology, it can increase the probability of success of picture search. You can uncheck the option "Allows the mouse to automatically move to the upper left corner for a second" to disable this feature. To learn more about this, please see: What to do if search a picture timeout.
Disable Auto Move

Which of your products is the best?
Of course it is Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. It is much more powerful than Mouse and Keyboard Recorder. It is not just record and repeat, but with many useful features like Search Picture on the Screen.

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