What is Calculator?
RobotSoft Calculator is an advanced calculator yet very easy to use. It can evaluate expressions and solve equations. And it can do nonlinear optimization work easily.

Key features
     Directly enter an expression to evaluate
     Evaluate multiple expressions at the same time
     Solve complex nonlinear equations
     Find the minimum value of a function
     Display the result in multiple formats

Evaluate Expressions

Select the page "Evaluate Expression", then enter the expression which you want to evaluate, and then click the button "Calculate".
Evaluate Expression

You can enter multiple expressions at the same time.
Evaluate Expressions

Solve Equations

Select the page "Solve Equations", then enter the equations which you want to solve, and then click the button "Solve".
Solve Equations

The Solve Equations feature supports Greater Equal and Less Equal command.
Greater Equal

Less Equal

Find Minimum

Select the page "Find Minimum", then enter the function which you want to optimize, and then click the button "Find".
Find Minimum  
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