Loop for a fixed time in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is a really smart and easy-to-use tool that can simulate a lot of mouse and keyboard actions. You can create and edit Action Script with it. Then run the Action Script, it will do what you want to do automatically. To do something again and again, you need create a For Loop. To create a For Loop, you just need click the “More” button and then click “Insert For Loop“.
Create For Loop

A For Loop Statement of Automatic Mouse and Keyboard can loop for a fixed count or loop for a fixed time or loop for infinite. To create a fixed time for loop, just select the option “Loop for a fixed time“, then set the time and click “OK“. This feature is very useful when you want to run an Action Script, and you know how long the Action Script should run but do not care about how many times it should be.
For Loop
Posted by Admin on Jul 16, 2011