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RobotSoft Screen OCR is the best OCR Software. It can recognize and capture text from your screen. As we know, many texts on the screen can not be copied. But with the help of Screen OCR, you will be able to copy any text on the screen.

Key features
     Copy any text on the screen
     Convert image to text with high-speed and high-quality
     Define custom fonts easily
     Activate Screen OCR with a hotkey
     Copy result as graphics
     Light but powerful OCR Software

Original: $29.95
Now: $19.95

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Screen OCR Help Document

Screenshot 1:
Screen OCR screenshot

Screenshot 2:
Screen OCR Result

What fonts does your OCR software support?
Unlike some other OCR software can only recognize some fixed fonts, RobotSoft Screen OCR can recognize any fonts. After recognition, you can edit the character image result to create new fonts. And we will continue to improve it, and make it more and more powerful.

What can I do with Screen OCR?
You can convert anything you can read on the computer screen into editable text with the help of Screen OCR.

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